Lazy Friday Links 6.10.2011

Ecology/Evolution Links:

1: Plant and animal discrimination, you say? A group of 18 ecologist have taken to the pages of Nature to get us to stop hating on invasives. Sorry, I’m just not buying it. Not everything new is bad, but mostly what we’re talking about are virulent life forms redistributed by humans in an untimely fashion – not gradual migrations (Wired).

2: A very cool and unique aquatic air-breathing spider solves its oxygen problem by taking the atmosphere with it. It can effectively use its home-made bubble as a gill to extract oxygen from the water. Post includes nifty video (Not Exactly Rocket Science).

3: Super-scary superbug with enzyme NDM-1, previously discovered in an Indian patient found, is found at a U.S. military hospital in Afghanistan for the first time. Maryn McKenna explains what the big deal is – and why it should probably be a bigger deal (Superbug).

4: More spiders? I just couldn’t help myself. The incredible Dr. Bondar shows us that handindicapped spiders can still weave a good web, even if it is a little different-y. Don’t judge them – they can do missing two legs what I can’t do with all my legs (Carin Bondar).

5: Chimps just want it more. An *ahem* novel way of solving a spacial problem involving a peanut and a…well, just read for yourself (BBC News).

General Science Links:

1: You think things like rain, snow, and hail just happen on their own? Nope. Bacteria control the weather. Okay, not just bacteria but since I’m not sure I had ever thought about atmospheric bacteria before, I’m gonna give them most of the credit (Highly Allonchthonous).

2: What is an ocean gyre? How do they work? And will they pull your ship down to the depths of Davy Jones’ locker? Yar! Ocean gyres explained, with oceanographer Emanuele Di Lorenzo (EarthSky).

3: A succinct and coherent response to incoherent reporting on the Higgs-Boson. This week Deborah Orr from the Guardian confused “physics” and “religion”. And also “journalism”. Here’s a summary with well-deserved smackdown (And Another Thing…).

4: Yes, the lights stayed on this week, but turns out we’ve just been lucky so far. Solar storms of the magnitude of ones that occurred in recorded history could easily knock out a chunk of the electrical grid for years. Yes, YEARS. Start saving your candles and bear fat, people! (Scientific American)

5: A new report sheds some light on the genetic causes of autism (hint: it’s not fromsomething you stick in your kids arm) and why girls have it so much less often than boys. Although this study reveals even more complexity to the condition than previously thought, it may provide hope for treatment using the female brain as a model (Nature News).

Because-I-Feel-Like It Links:

1: What to make for dinner this weekend (a personal favorite): Scallion pancake and cold sesame noodles. Although personally, I prefer my scallion pancake with Thai sweet chili sauce over the soy-based sauce in that recipe.

2: How to mind your own business. Will it make you happier? Probably. Will it make those around you happier? Most definitely (The Happiness Project).

3: Lessons from “127 Hours”:  how the movie should have ended. There’s more to be learned from Danny Boyle’s intense epic than how to cut your arm off with a dull knife or that a GPS with emergency beacon is a good investment (The Oatmeal).

4: We all have friends who are, well, kinda fake. But do you have actual fake friends on Facebook? Well, you and I probably don’t but if we were important, we might! (BlogAds).

5: Rachel Held Evans offers some in-depth advice on freelancing, writing, and making money. A very down-to-earth perspective from someone who is  fairly successful but still struggles with the day to day aspect of paying the bills (Rachel Held Evans).


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