ID Needed – Mystery plant!

Due to my lack of habitat-appropriate field guides, there have been several plants I’ve come across that I haven’t been able to ID despite poring over my own book, the internet, and the wildflower guides in the garden bookshop (mostly useless – super close ups of flowers, little other description). But this plant is really driving me nuts. Anyone have a lead for me?

I know it’s not a great picture – it was raining yesterday when I saw it in the wild and this sample was smooshed in my book for 24 hours. I’ve got to get a proper plant press…

Here’s the info. It was growing fairly profusely in semi-arid foothill area alongside sagebrush, balsam root, buffalo grass, creeping Oregon grape, and an unknown carrot family representative (which for some reason isn’t bothering me at the moment). Leaves palmately divided and unevenly lobed, and relatively hairy. About 30 cm tall. Flowers in a spherical head, each about 1 cm across, five parted (five petals, sepals, and stamens), perfect, with stamens and inconspicuous pistil sticking out well beyond the corrola, bluish white to light purple/lavender. Erect posture, stems smooth, slightly reddish, hollow, and somewhat squarish. I’m thinking probably in Boraginaceae?

Any help would be much appreciated. It’s a really pretty flower and mystery plants keep me up at night.


~ by lycaon on May 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “ID Needed – Mystery plant!”

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