Lazy Friday Links 1.21.2011

Ecology/Evolution Links:

1: Is too early in the morning for a threesome?  Scientists in the North Atlantic observe a little 2-on-1 action during Right Whale mating season. Warning, NSFW in offices where people are offended or made insecure by the sight of whale penises (Neurotic Physiology).

2: Researchers in California discover that the locations of plant communities are shifting in response to climate change. This isn’t big news, except some of them are going the opposite direction from what would be expected based on temperate shifts alone (NPR).

3: The big ecology story of the week – Slime mold is a better farmer than you are. An amoeba species has been cultivating bacteria for its nutritional benefit, possibly since long before humans got the hang of agriculture (Not Exactly Rocket Science).

4: Jason Goldman has a couple of great posts up this week about lemur cognition inspired by his visit to the Duke Lemur Center: Ringtail lemurs can follow the gaze of other lemurs. Also, mongoose lemurs know when you steal their grapes (and they don’t like it). Read them, if you can stop cooing at the adorable lemur pictures long enough to do so (The Thoughtful Animal).

5: Black kites in Spain have been found to decorate their nests with plastic to communicate dominance standings to other birds. Clearly, this is the first step towards the inevitable raptor overthrow of the human race. Also, what did they do before plastic? (Wired Science)

Other Science Links:

1: Computers are going quantum? Researchers entangle silicon particles so that the quantum state of one effects all the others, a breakthrough that could one day mean your iphone will be smaller, faster, more powerful, and able to make calls to different dimensions – but only on the Verizon network (80 Beats).

2: Jen Ouellette explains about the amazing, invincible properties of a new, metallic glass – and why, in some cases, cleavage is a bad thing (Cocktail Party Physics).

3: A Canadian study calls into question the claims surrounding the much-lauded “first habitable exoplanet”, Gliese 581-g. Primarily, that it exists at all. Way to burst our highly premature euphoric buble over our soon-to-be alien overlords, Canada! (Wired Science)

4: Doctor Oz has continued his slide down the slippery slope from appearing to be a fairly reputable medical professional who occasionally ventures into alternative therapies to openly embracing the bat-shit insane. I guess this is what happens when you suddenly need to come up with an hour of material every day (Science-Based Medicine).

5: Even more research shows that the unhealthy effects of a sedentary lifestyle can’t be totally mitigated even with regular exercise. Screen time, particularly TV watching, is the most negative activity type. Other sitting activities like reading a book and playing board games burn more calories. Time for a treadmill desk? (Well Blog)

Because I Feel Like It Links:

1: Why six-year-old girls are indistinguishable from a ravenous pack of wolves. Like anyone doesn’t know that! (Hyperbole and a Half).

2: Spicy Lemon Garlic Shrimp. You know you want it for dinner tonight. I do, and I had it for dinner last night. Try it with a side of lime/cilantro rice and a least one vegetable so you can feel better about all the butter you just ate (The Pioneer Woman).

3: Can’t wait for summer movie season? The official list of trailers that will be shown during the 2011 Super Bowl (February 6) is out. The highlights in my world? Pirates 4, Cowboys and Aliens, and Rango – because it’s just weird enough to work (Mania).

4: This makes me feel inadequate. I mostly use paper for airplanes grocery lists writing. Check out these 20 amazing works of art made only with paper. Paper sculpture is apparently trendy right now, and I can see why. My favorite is the WALL-E origami (Matador Network).

5: The saga continues. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the uproar over Amy Chua’s “Tiger Mother” parenting methods. Some people are saying she’s a child abuser, some praise her dedication, and some think her writing about her draconic methods of child-rearing is really just clever satire. Whether she’s a psychopath, a fame whore, or a really good mom who writes extremely hyperbolic memoirs is up for debate, but one thing is sure – she knows how to sell a book (Racialicious).


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